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Bob Nelson, also known as Anthrocoon (born February 2, 1962), is a furry fan and radio DJ from Massachusetts, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nelson has created websites devoted to clean (SFW) macrophilia and microphilia, and has been a disk jockey at WMWM in Salem, Massachusetts since 1981, and has done live call-in reports from conventions.[clarify] including Anthrocon and Furpocalypse.

He has led panels on Classic Cartoons, Zootopia, and Greymuzzles at Furpocalypse, Anthrocon, Furrydelphia, Anthro New England, Furcationland, and Saturday Morning Contoons, and has recorded convention panels on audio and video.

His handle Anthrocoon means "man-raccoon", and is also a salute to the American furry convention, Anthrocon.


Bob Nelson's fursona is a raccoon.


Nelson's characters are Anthrocoon and Mike Rowe Fox. In addition, he created stories about a world named Wodlen populated by 70-foot-tall raccoons, foxes, and so on; an Earth astronaut lands on the planet and is befriended by the likes of raccoon Arkody and fox Ungorp.

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