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MikeT is an artist and writer with interests in fantasy and science fiction, both in art and literature. He's attending a PhD course in Marine Biology and Ecology, specializing in horizontal gene transfer in deep-sea sediments. This full-time work doesn't prevent him to go ahead with his (too many) personal projects.


MikeT's works regard the female figure, with a focus on curvier body shapes. Starting from 2011, his work range has broadened to different body image issues, from overweight to disfigurement, in an attempt to drive people towards a better appreciation of their own figure despite any supposed flaw.

Art projects[edit]

MikeT ran for selections at the Celeste Prize 2011, an international art contest. Although he hadn't been selected, he still managed to gather some recognition.

Dangerous Curves[edit]

The "Dangerous Curves" project regards body image and self-esteem issues in women. MikeT released in 2011 a booklet with about 30 pictures featuring female characters whose weight was well above average. A second release is planned for 2012, which will be music-themed and will feature a broader range of body image issues.

Literary projects[edit]

MikeT has written a short-story, named Venus in Furs, featuring one of his recurring characters, the badger lady Lillian Edgecombe. The story was originally written in Italian, but in 2011 was undergoing translation to English.

The story follows the life of some "morphs," beings born from humans that share morphological features with animals. Morphs began to see life in this fictional world in 1983, and their appearance raised concerns all over the world. The main character is Lillian Edgecombe, a British badger morph, who had, like many other morphs, a quite hard life, suffering speciesism and hatred. At the age of 28 years, she starts to improve her own life.

In 2011, the short story had passed the first writing stage. It was complete, but still had to undergo some more revisions in order to be ready for publishing.


As an amateur game designer, MikeT created some tabletop role-playing games, featured in one of his webpages. All the games created are free-to-play.

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