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MidwestCougar (or Midwest, also sometimes known as Jaycee) is a furry artist and fursuiter.


MidwestCougar was born, raised, and currently resides in the Midwest of the United States. She has lived in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Midwest has a Bachelor's degree in Art (emphasis in graphic design) and is a professional in-house and freelance graphic design artist in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Midwest discovered the furry fandom in 1999 on a small furry MUCK community. In 2004, she was invited by Kenket and another friend to Midwest Furfest, and she has attended several conventions since then. MidwestCougar's fursona is a sabertooth cougar (which became a fursuit in November of 2009).

Conventions, Groups, & Events[edit]

Conventions Attended (in A-Z order):



  • Califur 7 (2011) - Furry Night Liveā„¢ participant (C.M.Y.K. - live, MidwestCougar - video)


Furry Connection North (FCN):

Indy Fur Con (IFC):

Midwest Fur Fest (MFF):



  • Midwest had a short visit at a London, UK furmeet in May 2008

Fursuit Characters[edit]

  • Hops - Retired, a female black and white Dutch rabbit. Hops was constructed by Chilly, who owns Barley, the tan and white rabbit fursuit who was Hops' twin. Hops and Barley both first appeared at Midwest FurFest 2008. Hops was bought back by Chilly and was unfortunately destroyed.
  • MidwestCougar or "Midwest" (personal fursona), a female saber-tooth cougar. Midwest was completed in November 2009 and made her first appearance at Midwest Furfest 2009.
  • C.M.Y.K., a female Newhoundland dog. Named after Midwest's love for graphic design.

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