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Middle Georgia Furs is the name of both a mailing list and a LiveJournal community that is intended to cater to the furry population that resides in Middle Georgia (also known as the Macon or Macon-Warner Robins metropolitan area), but is also expanded in focus to include those who live outside the Atlanta and Savannah metropolitan areas.

Socio-economic factor[edit]

While the focus of furry social activity in Atlanta (and, to a lesser extent, Savannah) may be due to the fact that Atlanta is the largest city in the state (with most major interstates traversing through Atlanta and nearby areas at some point), the lack of communication or geographic diversity in furry organization in the state of Georgia may also be engendered by the comparative lack of similarly-widespread urbanization, transportation, communication and employment facilities outside of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

For instance, while the Macon-Warner Robins metropolitan area, also known as Middle Georgia, has the major route I-75 passing through the area on a north-south direction (thus connecting it to Atlanta and Detroit in the north and Florida in the south), I-16 on an east-west direction (connecting it to Savannah), and state route 96 (connecting it indirectly to Columbus in the west), it is otherwise fairly unconnected to other smaller cities and towns outside the metro area. Furthermore, while Macon's unemployment rate has reached higher levels (forcing emigration to other regions for work and affordable housing), the smaller Warner Robins' economic viability has steadily increased, with a seemingly-perennial housing boom that pushes urbanization in the city further westward.

It is, thus, very hard to determine or gauge the effect of this shift of socioeconomic fortunes on the already-diminutive furry population in Middle Georgia.

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