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Mid May Meet (or MidMayMeet/MMM) is a Sydney furry event that began in May, 2008. It was organised by Azzie (also known as Nankil) The event was named by the first attendees, which numbered approximately 25 throughout the day. In it's second year, 2009, the MidMayMeet doubled in attendance. It remains one of Sydney's most popular events, and is the most succesful one-day event organised in the area.


The MidMayMeet was held on the 29th of May, 2010, which is technically not the middle of May, but furs being furs- and being Australian furs, no less- this doesn't bother anyone.


2011's MidMayMeet was run by Blood and was very successful. There was a small picnic in the Gazebo. At Lunch time, the groups broke off into various activities, such as movie watching, some went off into the food-court. Others saw a movie. The evening venue was the Rose of Australia, run by Rulke.


2012's MidMayMeet was run by Blood and Kat_Aclysm. The group met at the steps of the Opera House and then they proceeded to go to the regular Gazebo meetup spot in the Botannical Gardens, Sydney. There was a small Art Jam and silliness. At 1pm, the groups broke off into various activities, such as movie watching, food-court crawl, and laser tag. The evening saw a change of pub venue, The Townie (next to Newtown Station). The evening portion was run by Kat_Aclysm.


MidMayMeet this year followed the same format as the previous year with a BBQ meet at Bicentennial park hosted by Foxdale. Over 100 attended with at least 30 fursuiting.


The MidMayMeet was designed as the ideal meet for new furs to come and introduce themselves. The relaxed and informal organisation style of the MidMayMeet allows furs, both new and old, to meet and greet in a comfortable environment.

Because the event can cost a fur next to nothing, it is also the meet of choice by most under-age furs.


2008 - 2015 The formula for the excellent MidMayMeets has remained the same until 2015. Furs meet up at the base of the Opera House steps (a central and easily accessible location) around 10:30, and hang around for half-an-hour for people to turn up, before moving on for fun, frolicking and plenty of art-jamming in the Sydney Botanical Gardens, a five minute walk away.

Furs congregate in the Gardens for a few hours, talking, chatting, catching up and getting to know one another. Usually, by about 1:00-1:30, the furs form a large walking group and head for Centrepoint Tower Plaza to buy lunch.

Following a leisurely lunch, the furs generally wander down to Circular Quay where a park and playground await the furs.

Most of the furs tend to wander home by three or four O'clock.

This format was changed in 2016 to a park meet bbq in Bicentennial park.

The Rose of Australia[edit]

The Rose of Australia, being the unofficial haunt of Sydfurs, has become the location of the monthly Pubmeets run by Rulke. In 2010, the MidMayMeet co-incides with the monthly Pubmeet, which has led to the installment of the annual Post-MidMayMeet pub get-together. Unlike the rest of the day, the Pubmeet is restricted to furs aged 18 and over.

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