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Rex Wolf is a furry fan.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Rex Wolf stated in April 2007 that:

Rex Wolf
I joined the fandom because it seemed to me to be a group consisting of people who (I thought all) shared my feelings about being less comfortable around people than animals and were there for the same reason.[1]
Rex Wolf

Rex was going to be the chairman of the planned Idaho, USA, convention FurFest Northwest, which was planned for August 2006, and canceled in July 2006. One of his motives for the creation of FurFest Northwest was:

Rex Wolf
To create a convention that catered to those people who were more in touch with (or more comfortable with) animals than humans; and FFN was to involve a great many people in the community who weren't in the fandom."[2]
Rex Wolf

He appeared as a representative of furry fandom in the Ausgust 2006 [[W:[The Lewiston Tribune| The Lewiston Tribune]] newspaper article, The furries are ready for some fun.


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