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Michael-Scot McMurray at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con

Michael-Scot McMurry or McMoo (14 October 1956 - 4 April 2001[1]) was the artist responsible for the Zonie comic strip. Before his death from stomach cancer he was working towards getting his coyote with a bandana strip syndicated. His strips can be found in back issues of Huzzah, Rowrbrazzle, Furthest North Crew and online, and was regularly featured in the MU Press comic, ZU. His avatar was a unicorn.

His nickname "McMoo" came from the signature used on his artwork, "McMu", a truncation of his last name.

Zonie became the mascot of the now-defunct ZonieCon in Tucson, Arizona, USA. A benefit comic book, In The Zone, was published shortly before his death, featuring the work of many prominent furry artists.


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