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Jeremy Mullins, also known as Polar or MadPolar,is a fantasy artist, who sometimes also draws anthropomorphic art. He started drawing seriously around 2001, and he enjoys giving his characters backgrounds, as well as writing stories about their world.

While most may consider most of his art furry in nature, he himself does not belong to the furry fandom, and would rather not be associated with it.[citation needed]

Most of Mullins' art is in black and white in his VCL site, his Jab Archives site, or his MSN group. Some of his colored works are on these sites, but most of them are in SexyFur, or Fur After Dark where he sometimes works as a guest artist.

His signature character is Sara Vix, a Vixen, who he admits is his favorite character,[citation needed] along with the cat Michael Gabrial (also known as Joeb).

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