Michael-Scot McMurry Award for Conspicuous Integrity

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The Michael-Scot McMurry Award for Conspicuous Integrity was an idea brought forth by Wolf Smith and then ZonieCon's chairman, Scott Malcomson on 10 April 2001, to honor the memory of the recently deceased furry artist Michael-Scot McMurry.

The concept was to have an annual presentation to honor a person noted for her or his conspicuous integrity within the furry fandom with engraved award bearing Mike's name and Zonie's likeness. The idea was favorably approved by many fans, and even McMoo's family. Plans to host this event was to have the initial announcements and judging at ZonieCon each October, while the confirmation and presentation would occur at the following ConFurence.

The ideals of this distinction was explain by Scott Malcomson in this way: "It will serve in some way to help keep alive his memory and his spirit, while also serving to recognize those worthies in the fandom who manage to achieve the difficult task of earning their spurs without selling their ideals."

2001 awards[edit]

The first awards were honored (posthumously) to the following recipients:

2002 awards[edit]

No data for that year.

2003 awards[edit]

No data for that year. (Zoniecon was cancelled.)

Future plans[edit]

After Zoniecon's cancellation, Scott Malcomson announced that the awards were on hold, until such time he could find a venue to carry it, or if he restarted his convention. Up to this date, no further information about this award is available.

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