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MIFur is a social group founded in the mid 1990s that consists mainly of fans and lifestylers in Michigan. The group has grown to include those who are from Michigan originally, those who live in neighboring states, or just people who want to talk to other members, know as "MIFurs". The group has an open membership policy, and anyone who wishes to participate in the community is welcome to do so.

Main points of content in the past have been a mailing list maintained by SimbaLion and later Gir Tygrin, and a LiveJournal community maintained by Gir Tygrin, Nik Vulper, and Wildfox.

In April 2007, Gir Tygrin created a website to function as a new main point of contact between furs, Michiganfurs.com. The website featured forums, a chat, an event calendar, photo gallery, and email, and grew to include more than 870 members, 420 of which joined in its first year. The website was later renamed Midwest Furries, reflecting an expansion to other states. It was closed in January 2014 after losing one of its servers; the movement of activity to Facebook and Fur Affinity was cited as a reason.[1]

For several years, the largest social gatherings for the MIFur group were the semi-regular furmeets organized by Gir Tygrin. Usual events included dinner at a local restaurant, miniature golf, bowling, or outdoor events at the park. The majority of these events were focused on the Ann Arbor area. Other meets were organized by members and information was posted on the website or LiveJournal. As of September 2009 the largest meet to date was the September 21th 2009 MiFur furmeet with 90 attendees[2]. Subsequent meets grew to accommodate over 100.

In 2008 some members of MIFur decided to organize a convention- Furry Connection North. The inaugural event was held in Ann Arbor on April 11-13, 2008. Last held in 2013, it was succeeded by the Motor City Furry Con.


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