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Greg Howell is the author of several online furry novels.

His works to date all share the theme of a lone human in a world populated by (usually furry) aliens. The stories feature vast backgrounds and complex plot lines, and are regarded by many readers as being among the best furry novels available in any media.



Borderlines is a furry/science fiction novel by Greg Howell set in his Godsend universe.

This story, still incomplete, is entirely written from the aliens' point of view. The main character is Metaya, female, a linguist and xenobiologist. She gets the job of interrogating the only human the Nedai has ever met after reaching space with their first Faster Than Light (FTL) ship. This "lucky" individual turns out to be a miner - not exactly the best source of information they could have hoped for.

The description of the aliens is somewhat vague, and details are slowly related throughout the story. They have fur, retractable claws, sharp teeth and mobile ears, which suggests they may be felinoid, however they have six limbs. They can run on all six so they are not, technically, taurs but rather hexapeds. They have only three fingers on each hand and presumably the same on their feet/paws.

The story is set in a world where an alien version of the Cold War has never ended but rather expanded into space, Borderlines involves intrigue, dark secrets, military worship and alien politics.

The story contains some human nudity and one scene of hinted alien lesbian sex.

Metaya Merasi is a female hexaped with a military career. She has a leading role in the story Borderlines by Greg Howell.

Torturess with a conscience would be a good short description of her as an individual.

Catch the Knife[edit]

Catch the Knife is the working title of a story by Greg Howell which takes place in the setting of Light on Shattered Water and Storms Over Open Fields, a world that is geographically a close approximation of the real world but is populated by Rris, a felinoid race. It is many years later and all of the characters from those stories are deceased and the events have become a subject of historical study. One of the leading experts, a Rris named Tohi, is called to a location where another human has appeared in their world.

Only one chapter has been released to date, and Greg has stated that he has deferred further work on the story until the completion of Storms Over Open Fields and possibly other sequels covering events in the interim.

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