Metamor Keep

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Metamor Keep
shared universe
Began 1997
Initial work "Metamor Keep" (short story)
Initial author Copernicus
Genre Sword-and-sorcery, transformation fiction
Primary archive

Metamor Keep is a longish running story universe that started on the TSA-Talk mailing list.


It is a world of magic and war, with the background of a powerful wizard trying to take control of the fortress that is the keep.

Three spells cast on the fortress gates in an attack caused people there to transform. The first gate's spell was age regression, the second gate was transgender, and the third gate was transformation into an animal.

Counter spells helped lessen the effects, but anyone spending more then a week in the keep or area around it will find one of the spells will affect them, with random effects.


It was created in 1997 by Copernicus' initial short story of the same name. He has since transferred control of the MK canon to Chris O'Kane.

On the 22nd of November 2007, the MK Universe turned 10 years old with well over three-hundred stories and still going strong.

Notable forks[edit]

  • MK2K - a subuniverse created by Raven Blackmane in which the stories are set from 1300 years after the in-universe time in which most MK stories are set. This subuniverse makes use of Urban fantasy genre flavors in order to situate the characters in an urban, 21st-century-like setting with accommodation for magic and intelligent non-human residents[1]. It is also the basis of The Metamor City Podcast.


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