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Metal-Renamon a.k.a Faiz (born January 17, 1987) is a male Malaysian furry artist who lives in north Borneo.

He represent himself as anthropomorphic 2-tailed wolf; a light yellow-colored wolf with white parts covering his muzzle down to his belly and in-between his legs, two tails with white tip, blue eyes, long black hair that reach to his buttocks and wearing a crescent moon gold necklace which being wore previously by his mother .

As of June 2017, Metal-Renamon is operating under new alias; BlueHawaiichan.

Real Life[edit]

He prefer others especially watchers to call him by his first name Faiz.

He had an ability to troubleshoot complicated computer problems as early as 14 years old and open a small computer repairing service among his schoolmates/neighbors just to fulfill his obsession with computer stuffs.

He began to step in to the furry world after he stumble one site called The Digimon Hentai Zone, and fall in love with a few Digimon character, especially Flamedramon and Renamon


Faiz started drawing just for fun to fill up his time. As he went along, drawing has become his hobby despite he does not have a natural talent.

Faiz's artworks are mostly feature his own official characters from a fictional team called The Mage Brigade. Before this, he mostly draw a request picture for his roleplay friend in Digi Artists Domain and some Renamon fanmade characters in All pictures are mostly colored digitally but he still use old method (sketch on paper and scan) before proceed on coloring.

He do accept trades with other artists for his self-improvement since he still consider as beginner artist even though he had drawn for many years already.

As current status, Faiz pulling off from Furaffinity for a while.


Faiz involve in roleplay since 15 years old after he stumble on one site and rolaying with members via MSN. He willing to spend 10 hours everyday to roleplay with his fictional character, Reane.

He create Reane some time in 1996 where he still in primary school. Sharing a similar appearance as Renamon, Reane is a yellow-colored two-tailed wolf with a long brown hair, blue eyes, white fur covering her chest an d wearing a blue gloves. The white parts covering her chest down to her nether regions, the tip of both tails and the tip of her ears.

Faiz has release the character ownership of Reane to someone in Deviant Art but due to his journal has been deleted, we are unable to track the records.

After has been shut down due to members inactivity, Faiz continue roleplaying on two websites; Yiffstar forum and Digi Artists Domain by using a nickname "Lonely Werewolf".

The characters he was using to roleplay are; Faiz (2-tailed wolf), Ryan (wingless dragon), Minami (dragon/wolf hybrid), Eryx (spotted hyena), Ryo (wolf), Reimu (herm wingless dragon), Alice (mare), Aru (Mightyena)

Side note : The usage of Faiz, Ryan and Minami on other Roleplays does not reflect their original story in The Mage Brigade

The Mage Brigade Team[edit]

Mage Brigade is a group specialized in magic spells and weapons, devoted themselves to protect the entire galaxy to avoid any conflicts, and to balance between furry world and human world. Despite their determination of protecting the world, they have time to entertain their fans with live music and acting performances. The Mage Brigade Team had release their first movie based on their real-life story before and after the Intergalactic War.

Faiz (Thunder Magician)[edit]


Height : 2.01 meter

Weight : 53 KG

Species : 2-Tails Wolf

Gender : Male

Personality : Not-very-socialised, hard to approach furson.

Occupation : Artist, entertainer (drummer), leader and assassin of The Mage Brigade

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Thunder

Weapons : SGM 027 AVLR dual-mode rifle (sniper and assault)

Weakness : Unknown.

Scoring an average IQ level, he's the third genius furson after Mitsuki and of course, popular among classmates and people around him.

He rebuild his lonely life for 12 years together with a branch-tailed cat named Kuro and his neighbor Mitsuki by selling mangas and become the entertainer after Intergalactic War which took away his beloved mother while his father die as a soldier protecting the land.

After the war ended, he had transformed from happy-go-lucky into anti-social. Always keep his lips shut all the time and use body language to communicate. He will talk verbally depend on the situation, but most of the time he will talk telepathically. Since the time he stumble upon Mitsuki, Faiz always talk with her telepathically and always stick together like a brother and sister.

As the leader of The Mage Brigade, this 2-tailed wolf are the quickest mid-ranged sharpshooter using both weapon modes.

He can see the enemy clearly from the highest building in 1KM radius and able to kill the enemy in just 8 seconds. The enemy could not managed to catch the exact location of him, because he went 'vanished' on every shots despite the short bullet trail at night.

Ryan (Shadow Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.97 meter

Weight : 53 KG

Species : Wingless Dragon

Gender : Male

Personality : Very kind, helpful and loves to tease people, in a good way.

Occupation : Entertainer (third vocalist)

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Shadow

Weapons : Claws, bare hands and foot.

Weakness : Unknown.

Ryan is a wingless dragon but he doesn't have ability to possess an artificial wings like Mizuki. Before he was born, he still in the egg form and waiting to be hatched. Due to serious circumstances happened in the dragon-inhabitant planet, the secret organization had collected all the eggs and shipped to Kugiyu for hatching process.

The scientists had use different method of hatching, which genetically modify the original DNA and creating a new one, resulting all the eggs having the same DNA codes and similar appearances. Ryan's egg is affected but something block the hatching machine to complete the DNA code modification.

Kugiyu authorities had found the illegal activity and bust the entire organization, saving only few eggs including Ryan. He born in hospital and being taken by local foster homes, waiting for step parents to take him but none interested. On his young years, he lend a help to manage the foster homes and learning self defence by himself. He does not know that he possessed shadow magic since birth.

One day, the Mage Brigade Band is seeking a third vocalist to add something different in their music. Since Ryan loves singing, he attend the audition to give a shot. Starting from there, Ryan could see a bright future ahead.

Tanaka Mitsuki (Thunder Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.95 meter

Weight : 49 KG

Species : Wolf

Gender : Female

Personality : Very quiet and genius person

Occupation : Entertainer (piano player), manga artist

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Thunder

Weapons : SGM 266 Dual Handgun

Weakness : Unknown

A person living a few lots away from Faiz's apartment in same building. She loves to stay at home for entire day except going to school. She had talent in drawing comic strip and being hired as permanent artist in one popular publishing company to produce a monthly comic strip, which is she's 8 years old that time; the youngest artist ever.

Mitsuki shared a similar personality as Faiz; loves to stay silent and speak verbally when necessary. Even though she able to solve university-level examination, she have to attend the school like normal girls do, to complete the education requirements on every citizen in Skynox.

After the war which took everything for her, she almost lose hope and wanted to end her life. Then she stumble upon the two-tailed wolf whom came to almost-ruined apartment to collect what he had left. At that particular time, Mitsuki unable to hold her deep sadness and cried in Faiz's warm embrace. He knew how she felt of being lonely.

Faiz then happily accept Mitsuki to live with him under the same roof and together rebuild their life.

Tanaka Mikuru (Leap Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.89 meter

Weight : 48 KG

Species : Tiger

Gender : Female

Personality : Quite childish, playful and genius

Occupation : High-School student, weapon developer, entertainer (first vocalist)

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Teleportation, shielding support

Weapons : SGM 093 XT Semi-automatic, dual mode assault/sniper rifle.

Weakness : Unknown

Mikuru is the youngest family members with her childish personality. When we look at her appearace, she's like other mature girls in the organization. Even though she looks quite matured, but still her actions make her looks cute.

One particular weekend, Faiz and Mitsuki visit the local hospital and voluntary lending a help at new born ward. At that time, they're around 13-14 years old and live happily with all they have got since both of their parents were passed away during the Intergalactic War. Faiz and Mitsuki then spotted a female tiger cub sleeping peacefully, but the sad part, her mother is passed away a month before during giving birth process. Till now, no one coming over to take care of the cub.

After a week of thinking that cub, Mitsuki decided to adopt the tiger. It does spark a small arguments between her and Faiz, but rememberinf of seeing his mother bleeding and dying in his eyes, he had to agree the plan to adopt the tiger cub, naming her Mikuru.

Even though she still looks young based on her age, she unable to fight at the battlefield with other members, but she able to provide sniping from afar and emergency escape via teleporting.

Itou Marimite (Flame Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.90 meter

Weight : 52 KG

Species : Fox

Gender : Female

Personality : Happy-go-lucky in normal condition, and hungry-for-blood in battlefield.

Occupation : College student, Grafitti artist, entertainer (main guitarist).

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Flame.

Weapons : Invisible dual-blade staff, SGM 14 MK 20-rounds handgun

Weakness : Afraid of lightning strike (cured)

Marimite living in the home specialized treating and taking care the children of war, giving a basic treatment and necessities including education. After she completed primary school level, a rich family had adopted her which is happened to be her classmate, Megumi. Mizuki is also part of Megumi's family.

Since Faiz, Mitsuki, Megumi, Mizuki and Marimite study in same school and in different grades, they had joined and establish a successful school music band.

Despite Marimite's perfect appearance, she had a dark side whenever someone is trying to mess with her; a tendency to strike and kill in short period of time which might thrown her to jail. A collar on her neck is actually a device to produce an electricity to deliver a short shock in order to calm her down before entering her dark side but not powerful enough once she's out of control.

Ryuuki Mizuki (Healing Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.95 meter.

Weight : 55 KG.

Species : Dragon

Gender : Female.

Personality : Always-smile, happy go lucky.

Occupation : College student, waitress at cosplay cafe, entertainer (second vocalist).

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading, agility and fly quicker.

Power Element : Power increment and healing.

Weapons : Dual sword.

Weakness : Raining.

Mizuki are the 3rd highest mage among Mage Brigade members with the abilities to fly 6 times faster than supersonic jet and no missiles can catch her. She can cut through the military-grade armor by using her combined swords, of course with a little bit of magic spells.

Both of her gold rings on her ankles are made fully of titanium; light yet very hard. A small device installed inside her right ring, functioned to increase the power of magic and attack abilities. Mikuru develope the devices and she's the only one who can unlock the device limiter to push Mizuki to the maximum power ability.

On the bad side, she really hates raining, especially in the middle of war. But it doesn't mean she hates water. Why? When she fly in high-speed, the raindrops hits her body like a big stone, and it does really hurt. So, she have to fight on the ground instead of via air.

Her wings actually not physically build, it was an artificial one. She can use her wings anytime and hides it whenever not in use by using a little magic tricks.

It may looks strange, Mizuki always raise a smile whatever the situation is. Mizuki are one of thousands of the victim of Intergalactic War. She was survived from the devastated situation, and her parents were badly injured after struggling themselves fighting the enemies.

Several months later, her parents passed away due to bad internal injuries. Before they leaves Mizuki, her parents always advised not to cry and always smile no matter what, even in sad, happy or depressed. She understand and make the eternal promise. At first, it's quite hard to smile in sad situation, but with the promise made with her late parents, she keep on trying.

A year later, a parents come to home for orphans and adopt Mizuki as their children. From there, she met Megumi, Marimite and the other The Mage Brigade in same school during their secondary level studies.

Akira Minami (Dark Magician)[edit]


Height : 1.99 meter.

Weight : 53 KG.

Species : Wolf-Dragon hybrid.

Gender : Female.

Personality : Always throw a smile, easy to get along with other people and very dangerous too.

Occupation : Cosplayer and entertainer (bassist).

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Reverse and Dark Spells.

Weapons : SGM 273 Dual mode (assault / grenade launcher).

Weakness : Unknown.

Minami is a crossbreed of wolf and dragon, born in the most chaotic planet after it have been bombarded during Intergalactic War. Before she met with other Mage Brigade members, she work as bounty hunter to support herself and her ill father, a dragon. She loves drink till drunk, the only way to throw her misery out of her messy mind. Being drunk somehow increase her close combat ability without using any dark spells.

By going through the legal process, Minami able to seek a permanent resident for herself and her father in Skynox and depart out of planet via military spaceship. Despite her zero education, she able to gather much information and the way of life like youngsters do. She proceed of going to local Skynox college to further studies and working as part time costume player.

Kazuhiko Megumi (Water Magician)[edit]


Height : 2.01 meter.

Weight : 53 KG.

Species : Long-tailed Cat.

Gender : Female.

Personality : Very quiet person, like to read books with lots of words. Furson devoted to trance and dance music, as well as classic genres.

Occupation : Photographer, Weaponless knight, entertainer (synthesizer).

Ability : Sharp vision and hearing, telepathic contact, mind reading and agility.

Power Element : Water.

Weapons : Claws, bare hands and foot.

Weakness : Unknown.

Megumi considered one of a lucky family that escaped from the war when her family depart to other planet a month before the war started due to her father had tranfer a job. That time, Megumi is still a young cub.

She starting to read various types of books in 164 languages including feral language since the television shows and newspaper filled with war-related news. There's one time she cried non-stop for three hours after watching the affected planet being bombarded and innocent people bleeding to death.

Like her mother, Megumi had a short vision and have to wear glasses when she need to read. As the war ended, her father decided return back to Skynox and contribute more than half of his wealth to the old government, redeveloping the planet back to normal. Despite her intelligence, she still need to attend school and colleges like normal people.

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