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MetaFur Logo

MetaFur is an in-development furry community site. MetaFur aims to be for "The Complete Furson" by providing a gateway for furry media and information.

Planned features[edit]

  • Webmail and messaging
  • Rich text story submissions with illustrations/multimedia
  • Multiple separate identities manageable from a single user account (fursona support)
  • Commission management and rating system
  • Watermark management and application (visible and invisible)
  • Access control lists for artwork (at users option)
  • Multiuser submissions (for example lineart by one artist and coloring by another)
  • Easily filterable categories and tags
  • Fully searchable metadata

Development and community[edit]

MetaFur is intended to be the first furry community site to release its software under the GNU General Public License. Programming and feature development is to be completely open to the community and the system will be open for review through support tickets and an open forum.


  • Oct 22, 2006 - MetaFur moves to DreamHost in preparation for initial public offering of user accounts. Addition of development blog and forums.
  • Oct 31, 2006 - MetaFur moves project software from to main page space, signaling the finalization of the first iteration of site design.
  • 2007-8? - MetaFur moves to Linode.