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Mephit Fur Meet 14, aka MFM 14, the fourteenth annual Mephit Furmeet, took place September 3-5, 2010, at the Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center in Olive Branch, Mississippi, its first year at this location. At this private, convention-only hotel, the convention did not share any communal space with non-convention hotel guests. Attendance was 600. The convention charity was Tiger Haven once again, and at this convention, MFM raised $6,289[1].

Guest of Honor[edit]

The guest of honor for MFM 14 was Razzek, aka Tiffany Byers.

Annual T-shirt design contest[edit]

Charles Ettinger was the winner of the popular vote for the T-shirt front design.

The director's choice for the T-shirt back design was Wolfy-Nail.

The staff's choice for the convention staff T-shirts was Mari.

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  1. LiveJournal response by Charity Auction head, PrincessB (7 September 2010)

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