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Melody (born 1 February 1996) is an Australian furry who has been involved in the fandom since 2009. She is a fursuiter, fursuit maker and an artist.

Melody has attended MiDFur 12. She currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Melody was always interested in animals as a child, and wanted to pursue a career in either Music or Zoology. Melody also loved Disney and their costumes. At the age of 13, Melody was reading a magazine with an article about furries. Taking interest, she read the three pages which explained what a furry was, and what fursuits and conventions were, even a day in a life of a fur. She saw a few fursuits she liked and searched more on YouTube to see what this was all about.

After a month, Melody decided to have a go at fursuit making. She still was not a member at this time as she never heard of a furry site but took more interest in the costume part of the fandom. Her first ever suit, Zafrina was completed 16 November 2009, and soon after that she was found by Frost the Wolf and shown to Fur Affinity, which she subsequently used as her main art site.

Melody was to make four more suits that year - Jay See v.1, Melody V.1 and V.2 and Jay See V.2, as well as a Nezukiba head. In December 2010 Melody attended her first convention, MiDFur, while in 2011 she created a new suit called Little Scampers.


Melody is an Australian Maned Folf. Her colours include orange, white, green and blue with a purple mouth and paw pads. She is based of music and off her bright personality. She loves anything to do with rainbows or sparkles.

Melody's secondary fursona is Little Scampers. She is a mutt and is full of hyper and fun. She also has three other characters:

  • Sparks the dragon
  • Electra the freak hound
  • Riki Wild the dog x Cheetah x Red panda

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