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Mel. White (a.k.a. K'has) is a science fiction author and professional comic book artist. Her publication credits include "Mark Twain and the Notable Mare" in the paperback Alternate Heroes, coauthor of "Ironrose" in Mercedes Lackey's Swords of Ice, "Aladdin and the Lamp of Many Wishes" in the paperback Aladdin and the Lamp, as well as other Greenberg/Resnick anthologies from Daw Books. She wrote a book chapter on the anthropology of the World of Warcraft MMORPG in Battle for Azeroth (BenBella Books, 2006) and "Systems of Justice in MOOs, MUCKs, and MUSHES" in Gaming Culture and Social Life, a gaming research volume edited by Patrick Williams and Jonas Heide Smith. Her fiction also appears in Best in Show, edited by Fred Patten.

She can be seen at a number of Midwest and California conventions. She enjoys being on panels and filks and occasionally inflicts "World of Warcraft" filk on the unsuspecting.

She's a member of the Dorsai Irregulars and goes by the monicker of "Little Dragon", bestowed on her by Bob Asprin. She earned her PhD in Information Science in 2014 and is currently working on a degree in Egyptology. She teaches short courses in Egyptology.



Her broad interest in many things is reflected in her nonfiction writing which covers topics as diverse as disability issues, environmental issues, informatics, and anthropology. She has had scholarly papers and posters presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Society for Applied Anthropology, Northern California and Nevada Medical Group Conference, Texas Library Association Annual Conference, International Conference for Medical Computing, and has authored a chapter on the Chumash Indians of California for a history textbook.


A former Central Director of Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) and a past author and editor for the Asfa Quarterly, she and Glen Wooten frequently give panels on copyright issues at Further Confusion.

As an artist, she was originally known as a caricaturist and gaming cartoonist as well as a doll sculptor. Her first professional comic book work was the Duncan & Mallory series of graphic novels with Robert Aspirin from Starblaze. Her work has appeared in Usagi Yojimbo, Wild Life, Katmandu, Equine the Uncivilized, and several other furry comics. She has a versatile style and her more realistic art and photomanipulations have been used for e-book romance book covers.

She has also produced short films for the classes she teaches and has also done World of Warcraft machinimas.

Her long-running webcomic series, "Coyote" was on hiatus during 2012-2015 while she finished her PhD in Information Science at the University of North Texas.


Her most frequent avatar, K'has, is a black haired, black bodied male centaur inspired in part by Donna Barr's Stinz and by the old style Star Trek Klingons. He has a rather bizarre sense of humor. K'has first appeared in The Dallas Brawl (a Bizarre Wars APA waiting list.

K'has is also one of the wizards of FurryMUCK.

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