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Megasong's persona
Megasong's Panic fursuit at FAU 6. Photo by SteezyKitty.
Sly the coyote, owned by Spikepelt (left); Megasong (right)

Megasong, also known as Komo.pup and Chalked, is an anthro artist and fursuiter who lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Megasong's fursona is a demon-cat character with with green eyes with either a demon or cat tail.


  • Panic - Panic has been seen in many different styles, sometimes her hair is long, and sometimes it's short. The most confusing part of the character, is that in some images, it appears to have red eyes, and in some images, it appears to have silver eyes.
  • Megasong - The Megasong character represents the artist personally; however, most artwork she's had done over the course of time she's been in the fandom, is of Panic. She doesn't have nearly as much art of this character as she does for Panic.
  • Kaleidoscope - Very little is known of this character.


Megasong's Panic fursuit, made by Rhul, has silver eyes, in contrast to the fursona, which as green eyes. The costume debuted at Anthrocon 2013.

Convention attendance[edit]

Megasong has attended several conventions and meets:


Megasong has a love for fantasy, animation (which she practices on occasion) cats, and "creepy things" (Creepypastas, horror movies and stories, etc.), She has an for an obsession for musician Brendon Urie, a member of the American rock Panic! At the Disco. She often draws herself with "Panic! At the Disco" shirts and wristbands on.[1]


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