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This article is about the documentary series. Timduru's house is also called Meerkat Manor.

Meerkat Manor is a dramatically narrated documentary series which was shown on the Animal Planet TV network, about a family of meerkats called the Whiskers gang, one of over a dozen meerkat families being studied under the Kalahari Meerkat Project. This show covers births, deaths, and daily life in the Kalahari Desert over the course of several years. A total of four television seasons, one book, one TV movie, and two half-hour specials have been produced under the series umbrella as of June 2008.

Clans in the seasons[edit]

  • Whiskers all
  • Commandos Seasons 2-3
  • Lazuli Seasons 1-2
  • Starsky Season 3
  • Zappa Season 3
  • Aztec Season 4


  • Flower The former Whiskers dominant female and Zaphod's mate. She is mother to over 70 pups. Flower died from a cape cobra bite in March 2007 while defending one of her litters.
  • Zaphod The dominant male of the Whiskers and the Aztecs and Flower's mate.He is the father of Mozart, Tosca, Shakespeare, Mitch, and Adoptive father to Rocket Dog and Maybelline.
  • Rocket Dog Rocky or HawkEYE witch ever. She is the "NEW" dominant.
  • Zu he is also known as Zarethusta. He leads with Rocket Dog now. He is Youssarians son and Big.Wil's litter mate.
  • Sophie She is hero in season 3. As a youngster she was attacked by Mitch.
  • Mitch He was rude as a teen as he attacked Sophie, but is now a hero.
  • Shakespeare He was a hero in Season 1, but he disappeared at the end of film the one in the burrow was a female named Annie.
  • Axle he was left behind by the Zappa and some how and rarely accepted into this clan.

Zappa Main[edit]

  • Lola She was the leader until Punk took over.
  • Frank He is Lola's dad yet partner they don't mate.
  • Punk she is Milla and tea Bags sister. She later took dominance from Lola.
  • MalesMilla, Tea Bag and Houdini


  • Hannable He is the dominant male, and has a missing eye
  • Nikita Dominant female
  • Wilson He is Hannable's son and mated with Rocket Dog and Mozart.


Just all* Cazanna, Youssarian, Penny, Pancake, Bubble, Squeak, Carlos, JD, Mariland and the dead dominant male Big Si

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