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Meeran, as depicted by WolfSkyler
Other names ミーラン, Variations of the word 'dagger'
Born 1998
Profession or hobby Virtual reality, documentation of online furry conventions, fandom history
Character species Tanuki

Meeran is a furry from the United States of America. He was born in 1998. Meeran joined the furry fandom in October 2013. He is an avid virtual reality and cyberpunk enthusiast, gamer, and writer. He occasionally assists Wikifur with documenting online furry conventions and attending them as they become a new frontier for the fandom.


Meeran is an anthropomorphic tanuki (Japanese raccoon-dog) with a black and gray fur color scheme. He is typically depicted with shorts, combat boots, then a gray sleeveless hoodie or a leather jacket with blue highlights for a top. He is often labeled as a raccoon due to similar appearance, which is untrue. He admires driving various cars, and is seen interacting with them in some commissions. Meeran relaxes by enjoying hot springs and onsens, and Japanese cuisine. Due to Meeran being a virtual reality and video game addict, he loves fighting monsters, and in combat, he is often seen 'dual-wielding' given the option that two controllers allow him to do so. Because he has spent so much time on the internet and virtual reality, his DNA was split, making himself 50% organic and 50% binary computer code which allows him to feel touch or pain and smell things in virtual spaces, and become biohacked offline.

Meeran at Virtual Anthrocon in 2020. Avatar by Milkpot.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Meeran became a furry in 2013, and created various fursonæ in his early years of the fandom. His first convention was Anthrocon 2014: Secret Societies, and has attended several conventions in the eastern United States, and Japan throughout his timeline. In 2017, he created his current fursona, "Meeran".

At Anthrocon 2016, Meeran hosted an amiibo Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament as a panelist. At Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017, Meeran won a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament. He is now retired from playing Nintendo games, and currently has an interest in virtual reality gaming.

In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, furries began hosting online furry conventions as a means to be safe from the virus while enjoying the gimmicks of a convention. Meeran took large interest, and began documenting, preserving, and archiving them, comparing the experimentation with online conventions similar to early furry conventions such as ConFurence Zero in the 1980s and 1990s for future generations to look back upon. He was a former staff member at the first Furality Online Xperience, but was a panelist during its first run where he reviewed the cyberpunk genre to a livestream audience. He also volunteered at Megaplex Online in August 2020, where he helped moderate panels, hosted a rave on VRChat with the help of the Tailbass Club, and presented a panel targeted to new convention-goers who have not yet attended a furry convention in person. Meeran and Johann Faust are currently proposing to run a brand new VR-oriented online convention in December 2020.

Virtual reality[edit]

In November of 2018, Meeran rented the book "Ready Player One" from his local library, which heavily sparked his interest in virtual reality. He received his first virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift CV1, on December 29, 2018 pre-owned for $225 USD. He primarily has used it for games such as VRChat, beta-testing games for independent developers, and educating veteran convention organizers with general knowledge and information about the platform's potential. Since 2019, Meeran has preached that VR will become an upgrade or evolution to the modern home computer, his claim being that in virtual reality, a three-dimensional space can be interacted with more convenience, compared to a computer monitor or smartphone screen that is two-dimensional.

Meeran believes heavily that an avatar (virtual reality) or 3D model is a great alternative for fursuiting. His reason being that they are cheaper, more dexterous, and will not break and wear out over time. His first avatar was created by Myaggic for $90 USD in October, 2019. The result of the finished product did not match his desire of quality. In January of 2020, Meeran then commissioned Milkpot, a professional Japanese avatar and fursuit maker for 200,000‎¥‎. The Milkpot model is the avatar that Meeran uses to this day.


Meeran is noted to be a prominent and Trusted VRChat user, going by the screen name 'DAG_GeR1675'. He boasts that he has caught the first ever documented case of online con crud, where Meeran caught pinkeye on the final day of FOX from not properly sanitizing his VR headset and not taking breaks, causing strain in his eyes. Meeran also states to have began the Conventions vs. online conventions debate, beginning with asking Uncle Kage's opinion on the practice during a Winestream.

Conventions attended[edit]

Online conventions attended[edit]

.*VR convention


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