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Meeple (born 24th April 1992) is a furry with a Meerkat fursona who lives in York, Yorkshire in the UK.

Meeple (by Aetherfax)


Meeple decided to join an international furry forum and on registering, someone sent him a Private Message. After chatting for a while this person said that Meeple's player resembled a ferret and that stuck. However, after participating for half a year, he started to venture into the British fandom. Someone then drew a picture of his ferret character which was joked about to resemble a meerkat and from then on the meerkat stuck! He stuck with the meerkat as he feels it is a perfect respresentation of his personality. Meeple's name came about when thinking of getting his character made as a fursuit. He wanted something cute, memorable and to fit a meerkat, so the name "Meeple" was chosen. Meeple is a 3ft tall, brown meerkat, with a light brown underbelly, dark brown stripes, ears and eye patches, with blue eyes. Meeple the meerkat is resembled in some art and as of October 2010 a fursuit.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Meeple came across the fandom through finding art that he found fascinating, which slowly progressed into him learning about the fandom. First he joined an The Furry Forum before becoming involved with the UK furry community on Ukfur in May 2009. He met several new furs there before attending his first furmeet in February 2010. Since then he has attended several furmeets with the NorthernFurs as well as a couple of meets with the LondonFurs including their summer party in 2010. In November 2010 he plans to attend RBW 2010.

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