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Mechaknucles is an author for several different sites with interest in furrydom and, as shown in his written works, the Sonadow (Sonic/Shadow) pairing specifically. The writer does expand to works outside of the furry fanbase and has abandoned the works he had for anime shows on, such as "Call me Chaos" and "Tournament." Both of these were fictions on the popular anime, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Since then, he dropped his work and typed his only significant fiction to date, An Assassin of My Heart. The tale, although strong with back story, has an overbearingly hard to follow writing style.

The Works of Mechaknucles[edit]

The earliest known work by the author is "Dog Demon Style." This story deals with the story of the pairing InuxKag but was never finished. His next major work was "Tournament" which contains a series of duels in a Pegasus Island scenario. While being created, he also started working on "Call me Chaos." During the creation of these series, he was plagued by a troll which led him to alter the fic.

Around this time, Mechaknucles continued a fic on that he started when he first got on the site. This fic was "An Assassin of My Heart."

The next significant story is another Sonadow, "Set me Free" which stars Sonic as a lead singer for a band who spends all his time searching for the love of his life, Shadow. Shadow, however, is a mass murderer whom the news coins as "Ace."

As of right now, he is working on two 'new' fics. The first was titled "Be My Bad Boy" which ended prematurely but was continued by reader demand. When the "ending" of "Be My Bad Boy" was posted, it also featured the premiere of "One Wish," which would later become "An Assassin of my Heart 2: One Wish" which is currently on its third chapter. In this story, it is much darker and gory and is taken from a third person perspective rather than the original's first person.

Pen names[edit]

Mechaknucles has the following pen names on the following site:

  • - Mechaknuckles
  • - Mech
  • Sonadow - Mechaknucles
  • Yiffstar - Mechaknucles