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The Mecharoos are a government-funded Ailartsuan fighter squadron/search-and-rescue team made up of five super-powered kangaroos, featured in Shawntae Howard's Extinctioners comic. Each member has his or her own mech suit that's used in their various missions. They made their first appearance in Extinctioners Vol. 2 Issue 01 when Phenix teleported Katherine Fela, Scarlet Ann Starfox, and Erica Starfox to a remote section of Ailartsua in hopes of escaping an alien slave camp. Thomas and Tisha, both friends of Phenix, happened to be hiking nearby and helped the injured escapees find refuge in their home. Later, after assembling the rest of the squad and helping Redford Firefox take down a group of Omega Hunters, the MechaRoos donated some of their equipment to the Extinctioners to help them set up a makeshift base of operations in the basement of the Fela family's summer home.

Shawntae's inspiration for the MechaRoos was likely that of his first superhero team that he created prior to the Extinctioners (way back when he was still in grade school), which consisted of a group of kangaroo superheroes not unlike the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shawntae even includes a tribute to this in one of the scenes in the Bushtail home where a character from the original team is seen in a picture frame on the wall.

MechaRoo members[edit]

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