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Meatier Showers is an erotic comic series written and illustrated by Furious. The story revolves around the relationship between the musclebound Tanz and his comparatively scrawny but most adoring admirer (later boyfriend) Groover.


Groover is a cleaner at Meatier Showers, a local restaurant, spa, hotel and gym for gay male dogs who is unhappy with his job (and his irritable boss), but then comes across Tanzhund (or Tanz), probably the most insanely musclebound (and big-chested) of the young, buff dogs who work out in the gym. Tanz knows that Groover is highly infatuated by his body and personality, but he doesn't know that Groover is also in love with him as well.


Main Protagonists[edit]

Pridestar – An Asiatic Lion and Amurrican-Born Cat, Pridestar is the unholy amalgamation of Paul Stanley & JEM. He is the embodiment of all things 80s and kitsch. The feline works professionally as a pole dancer and makes extra earnings through his online porn site. He is so proficient at what he does for a living that he is socially dysfunctional outside of work, unable to interact with regular folks short being escorted by law enforcers for public indecency. His anus defies the laws of space-time and physics.

Snares – Firstintroduced in Meatier Showers 6, Bulge Indulge, the over-sized musclebound lion became an irresistible target of Pridestar's obsession. Unable to speak, his manly majesty is mingled with an air of mystery. Despite his lumbering appearances, the lifeguard lion responds with ferocious finesse only when the situations demand it, and is for the most part laid back and calm in his demeanor. Loves goopy carbonara and secretly a macrofur.

Groover – A mongrel of unknown breed mixes, Groover works full-time as a janitor at Meatier Showers, or as he would prefer to call it, "a service assistant". Initially torn between the confusion of love or lust, especially finding his love interest in a gay bathhouse of all places, Groover is in a committed relationship with Tanz and continually learning his own limitations and how to deal with them. He hopes to expand his skills and become a gay masseur one day.

Tanz – A gym regular who visits Meatier Showers, Tanz chanced upon Groover by accident. Drawn by the antics and mischief of the mutt, Tanz decided to give things a go and ended up being partners with Groover. Their physical mismatch has presented challenges in bed, to which prompted Groover hiring an escort to better provide for Tanz's needs. That escort turns out to be Pridestar, and things have been pretty crazy since.


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