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Meadows MUCK was a North American wildlife role-playing MUCK. Popular species included wolves, cougars, coyotes, foxes, dogs, horses, and deer. While there was a small degree of human presence, the focus was on the interactions among the animals. A few of the past groups on the MUCK had drawn inspiration from non-anthropomorphic literature such as Watership Down and the Warriors series. The MUCK was originally set in Europe, but changed in March 2007 to a North American setting.



  • Azoto
  • Curiosity - Head Wizard
  • Greer
  • Pavane
  • Therdde

Former staff[edit]

  • Aesop (July 2009 - July 2010)
  • Asrohc (Programmer)
  • Brunhilde (May 2006 - December 2006)
  • Etenia (July 2011 - January 2012)
  • Ivy (May 2006 - August 2006)
  • Nicodemus (May 2006 - June 2009)
  • Nascha (October 2010 - June 2011)
  • Ninebirds (May 2006 - July 2006)
  • Penumbra (May 2006 - July 2006)
  • Siri (December 2007 - June 2009)
  • Sohtoh (July 2009 - July 2011)
  • Storm (August 2006 - December 2006)
  • Tamaharus (June 2006 - December 2006)
  • Temperance (May 2006 - January 2009)
  • Whyk (June 2006 - November 2009)


A player is allowed to have no more than two wolf characters or two cougar characters. This includes canine hybrids, which are restricted through special applications. However, a third wolf may be allowed to players who submit a quality application and have an active non-canine alt.

A moderate amount of realism with characters is enforced, though some creative leeway is allowed. For example, unnatural colorings (e.g. blue) are not permitted, but unique patterns and variations in shades are allowed. Albino characters are also restricted by way of application.

TinySex was originally allowed in private rooms, but has since been banned as a result of several problems and complaints.

Meadows MUCK
The MUCK has a general rating of PG-13. As such, explicit sexual content is not allowed under any circumstances. While we understand that animals do breed, past issues have forced a complete ban of scenes of this nature. Please use a fade to black, or take the RP elsewhere.[1]
Meadows MUCK


Originally, when it opened in May 2006, Meadows MUCK was set in an unspecified area of Europe. In March 2007, the head wizard stated that by setting the MUCK in Europe rather than in North America, "we sacrificed the presence of cougars. This may not seem like a lot, but I think a 'clan' of cougars could add a lot to the dynamics of the IC realm.".[2] She proposed allowing cougar characters without changing the setting; allowing species from both North America and Europe; or changing the setting from Europe to North America. After a final poll between the two most popular options of a merge or a complete shift, the setting was changed to western North America.

Social groups[edit]

Amaranth Cougar Tribe[edit]

  • Chieftain: Wiraqu
  • Matron: Arroyo
  • Shamaness: Maul
Generation 1: Chieftain Ahiga and Matron Paoro. Shamaness Donoma.
Generation 2: Chieftain Chesmu and Matron Ayashe. Shamaness Paoro.
Generation 3: Chieftain Kein and Matron Nayeli. Shamaness Sweet-Rain.

Cerulean Wolf Pack[edit]

  • Alpha male: Coinin
Generation 1: Alpha Tariro. Beta Shag.

Past groups[edit]

  • Hawthorn Rabbit Warren
  • Dorado Horse Herd
  • Lazuli Wolf Pack (merged into Cerulean)
Generation 1: Alphas Felstride and Storm. Betas Thorne and Miakoda.
Generation 2: Alphas Haze and Larkspur. Betas Cyrus and Eclipse.
  • Russet Dog Pack
  • Sienna Dog Pack
  • Sagebrush Horse Herd
  • Umber Deer Herd

Ute Wolf Pack[edit]

  • Alpha male: Ikuna
  • Beta: Althaea
Generation 1: Alphas Helaku and Skelaghe. Beta Teketa.
Generation 2: Alphas Hahtalekin and Wyanet. Beta Quidel.
Generation 3: Alphas Skahla and Shawnee.

? - 2015 "Ute's @group listing has been removed, though IC members remain"[3]

Viridian Wolf Pack[edit]

Generation 1: Alphas Silvan and Silver. Betas Friti and Cottonpaws.
Generation 2: Alpha Cottonpaws. Beta Shag.

(merged into Cerulean)


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