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Mazz (born 1984) is an amateur furry artist and a former administrator on Furtopia whose fursona is a raven.

Known for an extreme addiction to caffeine, she is rarely seen without some type of caffeinated beverage, usually coffee. Mazz's real life daughter is often portrayed by her mother as a grey tabby cat.


Mazz is a mother of a tabby kitten named Angel. Mazz has the typical Raven black markings. She has a white spot on her bum just above her tailfeathers. Mazz is about 200 pounds when standing at 5'2 and not at all skinny. One of her mutant traits is the green skin hidden under her black fur along with the ability to spit acid on command. The inside of her mouth is also green and she has a green scar on her neck which contains the neck monster. Mazz still has shocking blue eyes.

Neck what?[edit]

Mazz has a green scar on her neck that resembles a smile and under some circumstances this scar can actually smile. Starting off as a joke the "neck monster" has taken a life of its own. This scar really does turn into a mouth, equipped with tongue, teeth and pretty much a mind of it's own not at all controlled by Mazz. When the neck monster "awakens" Mazz's eyes will completely white out and a rampage with lots of death is inevitable.


Mazz's creator is the single mother of a girl and still a lover of coffee, but not to the extreme as her fursona. She's a bird of prey rehabilitator and artist. Mazz loves drawing and will usually post to places like Furaffinity or her preferred stomping grounds Weasyl.

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