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Maxwolf Goodliffe is a 15ft tall wolf furry from Vancouver. He is the Chief Technical Officer for Crystal Studio[1], a Second Life design studio. He has made a few games which are up on steam right now.

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Maxwolf owns, and runs Maxwolf Events Society. The Maxwolf Events Society is a volunteer run, registered British Columbia non-profit. Our members attend festivals and fundraisers in the Vancouver lower mainland as costumed performers. We draw big crowds, get lots of pictures and raise the spirits of everybody at events and have lots of fun.

He has a telegram chat for the society. He also has created bots for the room, as well as for others, like a twitter bot for Howloween, and Vancoufur. A game bot for friends, and a no stickers bot.

He has been a volunteer for the Vancoufur convention.

  • In 2015 he helped out
  • In 2018 he was Rangers lead, but then resigned from that position, as he was promoted to Vice-Chair. He worked hard, and tried helping out as many departments as he could.

He is now focused on hes Husband, work, friends, and the Maxwolf Events Society.