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Maximus Ursus is a fursuiter and musclefur who formally lived in New Berlin, Wisconsin, U.S.A. who now lives in Crestview, Florida, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a blue and orange bear.

Maximus joined the furry fandom in late 2010.[2] His fursuit was constructed by Fursuits by Lacy.[3]

Musclefur activities[edit]

Maximus is a weightlifter.[2] As of September, 2012, he mostly trains with Tiptoe, competes against/challenges Tonkawolf (where they keep pushing each other to be the best they can), and gets training advice from Schreddedwolf. He is on the "Official Muscle furs of Furaffinity List" for 2010[4] and 2011.[5]

Maximus is also part of the Furry Muscle Cast, a monthly podcast on weightlifting, fitness, and art topics.[2]

Other activities[edit]

Maximus is a countertenor with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra chorus, mostly performing large choral works.[2] Maximus' mentor was Rhubarb The Bear, and it was with his encouragement that Maximus first auditioned for the MSO Chorus.

Maximus' audition piece in January, 2011, to get back into the MSO was Ave Maria by Franz Schubert (initially tenor range, then soprano range by request of the director). His August, 2011, reaudition piece (to stay in the chorus) was Ave Maria by Charles Gounod (just tenor range this time, as Maximus' high A-flat is a little sketchy in his soprano range).


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