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Max's fursonas; Max (right) and Maxine (left)

Max Black Rabbit, also known as Max the Black Rabbit and Bunnyman (real name Malcolm Earle; born August 12),[1] is a Canadian furry artist who lives in Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He has worked on various comic titles such as Hit the Beach, In The Zone, Furrlough, Extinctioners, Extinctioners Annual, Skunkworks Reflections, Boudoir, Rare Breed, and the printed comic collected prints of the webcomic Sabrina Online, among others. He is also an administrator for the furry paysite Fur After Dark.

He was the guest of honor at Conifur Northwest 2001, Feral! 2007, Morphicon 2008, and What The Fur 2010. He was reported to have been considered for the guest of honor for the now-defunct Bytown Furry Convention in 2010.


Max's fursona is a black rabbit.

As his Bunnyman alter ego, he has a crush on Sabrina, the lead character on the "Sabrina Online" series, but he has been constantly euchred (outwitted?) in all his attempts to date the skunkette.

He has tried just about everything, from bribing Sabrina's little sister Tabitha to introduce them, trying to woo her at a science fiction convention (and having R.C. Raccoon beat him to it, as well as having a run-in with Stinken) to finally trying to meet her face to face at her apartment, only to end up babysitting the little ones. When Max finally meets up with Sabrina he finally confesses he had a crush on her but admits he moved on and apologizes for bothering her, even though she didn't know what he was talking about.

Max also has a female fursona counterpart, Maxine Blackbunny.

Original characters[edit]

Aside from his aforementioned fursonas, Max has also created several other original characters that have become well-known among the furry community.

  • Zig Zag: A skunk-tiger hybrid, and one of Max's first and possibly most well-known original characters.
  • Coil: A member of Aaron Larsen's anaconda species, Coil is typically being depicted as the rival of Aaron's own anaconda character, Astrid.
  • Raven Hunt: A blue-furred wolf, Raven is a teacher at the fictional Patriarch University along with characters contributed by several other artists.
  • Pussy Noir: A black-furred feline, Pussy is a character that was created largely for Fur After Dark, though Max has posted images of her on his free sites as well.

Convention attendance[edit]


In January 2013, upon returning from Further Confusion 2013, Max Black Rabbit was stopped by Canadian customs for a random check. After going through his sketchbooks, originals, art/books by other furry artists, laptop and phone, all of it, except his phone, were confiscated under the guidelines of the Canadian obscenity laws, and sent away for further examination by the Canada Border Services Agency. He was not detained and was allowed to re-enter Canadian territory.[2] On February 22, Max reported that everything had been returned to him after the agent handling his case said it didn't count under bestiality law because there weren't any actual animals.[3]


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