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Maus Merryjest

Maus Merryjest (born 1979) is a comic artist whose anthropomorphic persona is a Siberian Tiger. He is the creator of The Nightyard, a comic strip that narrated the misadventures of the title character (his namesake) in a college environment. Begun in 1999, it was finally canceled in 2002 by its creator, although recent webpage posts indicate that he's working on resurrecting the strip.

Originally from South America, he studied Art and Music for four years in North Carolina. After obtaining his Bachelors in Art, he relocated to Colorado where he pursued a degree in Multimedia Technologies and continued his training in the field of Opera as a Tenor. Maus was also one of the administrators/founders of the ColoFurs Yahoo group along with Blackpaw, Sorin Kat, and Taiho, although he no longer participates in said group.

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