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Created by Ruhemaus in 2003, he noticed that while Godwin's Law covered most the Internet, it didn't really come into play to stop most flame wars in the furry community. Thus he crated Maus's Law. Since it's creation, it's been proven true time and time again to be accurate. The law itself is as follows:

As a discussion in a furry newsgroup or community (be it on the MUCKs, IRC, LiveJournal, Blogs, or any Internet forum.) grows longer, the probability of someone involved in the discussion being implicated in art theft in some form approaches one.

Once this occurs, whomever mentioned one of the triggers has 'lost' whatever argument was in progress. This does not mean that the thread will end by any means; it just means that any further posts to this thread are going to be pointless to read. Also, it should be noted that if you try to invoke Maus's Law just to end a thread, it will likely backfire and the fighting will become much more severe.

On a side note, As with Godwin's Law itself, the mention of Sibe and others like him are akin to name-dropping Hitler in a normal 'discussion'. To call the big names accused of art theft into the mix, and to insinuate someone was like them or may be them is referring to art theft itself, thus still enacting the law.