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Matuska's fursuit, Mat

Matuska is a young Florida furry whose fursona is a dog/wolf/kangaroo/lynx with horns named Mat. She has many of her own characters and considers herself an artist, although she is not very well known in the furry community. Her artwork can be found on DeviantArt.

Matuska has little experience with making and wearing fursuits compared to many others, but has made a few parts of various costumes and a full suit of Mat. She plans on creating more costumes for fun in the future. She is not only interested in fursuits, as she is also an anime fan and cosplays at anime and comic conventions frequently.

Simple digital drawing of Mat by Matuska
Mat drawn by Matuska


Mat is a character created by Matuska to be her own personal fursona. She is a tannish/blonde coloured dog/wolf/kangaroo/lynx with horns and spots. Drawn either anthro or quad, Mat has a very sweet personality and is generally cheery. She loves finding new friends and basically takes on the personality of Matuska. Originally Mat was much simpler in design, but has changed over time.

Mat has been made into a fursuit, and her first outing was just before Halloween 2006, to Tate's Comics Halloween sale in Florida. Her first convention was Megacon, Florida, 2007.
Mat and unnamed fursuiter at Megacon
Mat by Alblage

More drawings of Mat can be found at Matuska's DeviantArt account.

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