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Matt Snoots (born August 28. 1972; also known as Cutter, MadBadger[1], or El Badjah') is a furry who lives in Cary, North Carolina, USA.[2] He was the chairman of Furry Spring Break. He is currently the chairman of Tarpaw Furmeet and director of Anthro Crossroads East.

Matt's fursona appears to have developed from a raccoon into a badger, based on his email address.[3]


Matt joined the furry fandom in 1994, after finding on his college's USEnet server. He became active as an artist and dealer, first selling art at Furtasticon and publishing Ten Furcent a year later. Inspired by the comics he read during the black-and-white boom of the 1980s, he began publishing Milikardo Knights in 1996. The title ran for three issues before distributor problems forced its cancellation in 1998. In 1999, when Ed Zolna discontinued Mailbox Books, he founded Bronzebear Media Distribution and ran it until 2001, when he sold the business to Rabbit Valley upon his readmission to graduate school.


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