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Matrices is the representative character and online alias of Sara Howard, an artist, fursuiter, and creator of tails, paws, masks, and full fursuits. Matrices the character is a Fox/Wolfdog mix. Some of her characters are Beef Jerky and Cathlamet. Dorian Treever is another character she created, but no longer owns.

Sara Howard lives in Oak Harbor, Washington, U.S.A., with her boyfriend Mike. She has planned and taught costuming at Conifur Northwest 2004 and Conifur Northwest 2005; she was part of the fursuit events staff for 2005. She was fursuit Guest of Honor at Califur 2011, RainFurrest 2012,and costuming Guest of Honor at Windycon 2014. Matrices was approached by Dogecoin to create a mascot but declined. She owns a dog named Turbo and is known for her unique style and characters.


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