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Mataki, also known as Macro Mataki (born December 11),[1] is a macrophile furry who lives in the United States.[1] Her fursona is a shapeshifting, size-shifting wolf.


In her backstory,[2] Mataki was employed at a company named Zero Quality Industries, testing a size-changing device called the Macro-Furrizer. After several months of continuously using it on herself, she discovered she could change her size by pure willpower, without the need for the machine. This ability has itself grown over time with repeated use.

Similarly, continuous application of liquid latex - which had the unusual effect of turning her into a living balloon - left Mataki with the ability to change shape at will. Amongst other shapes, she sometimes takes on the form of a dragon, tiger, or skunk. It is rare, however, to see her in a form other than that of a brown wolf.


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