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MassacreMouse's Avatar

MassacreMouse also known as SqueeMouse of Nevada is a neon blue mouse with a purple and black mohawk (designed by AzureCoyote Studios). He operates SqueeMouse's House of Horror, a fur-themed horror movie review Youtube channel where he reviews 'so bad its good' and 'so bad its bad' horror movies, some accompanied by his brother Dave the Bunny. He is also a good friend to the famous Stalking Cat of 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' fame.


MassacreMouse was born in Mousetrap, UT and raised in Notarealtownname, NV. He spent most of his days as a child watching various cartoons and eating sugar induced cereal. He was always amazed by cartoon mice and their effect on his childhood grew into a vast love for their wit, and later pursued to 'make a mouse out of himself'. After his first con CaliFur 2009, he was hooked for life.

Current State[edit]

He is now a big blue mouse with a kind loving heart and is anxiously awaiting his next con, checkin' out the ladies, partying it up and just having fun. He currently runs SqueeMouse's House of Horror and posts vlog videos weekly, he rants about pop culture and reviews various movies and is now hosting several upcoming videos. He might have another channel in the works but will not give much word on it at the moment, other than it will be something 'different' and it will possibly be months in development. He also has plans for world domination, he just needs a legion of doom, a lair and a woman (scratch that, has a hot female blue tiger at his side)[citation needed].

I you see SqueeMouse at a con, just run up and give him a big hug... just don't tackle him.

External Links[edit]

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