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Mason Murphy is a character from Blue Forest by K. M. Hirosaki.

Mason is a raccoon, and a student of Biology at Spanfront University. He is a very intelligent young man, but he is also highly arrogant and somewhat maladjusted when it comes to social interactions; he is homophobic, elitist, and he has a very unhealthy crush on his fellow student, Coriander Danton, which has passed well into the obsessive stages.

He lives in Spanfront University's East Dorm, along with Coriander and some their other friends, including Feldspar Yelina and Salaster Halstead. He is also a student of Professor Rubin Chestervale.

After a school-related trip to Blue Forest Technical Institute, Mason and Coriander were accompanied back by Lewis Deanwick, a student from that school. Lewis initiated a sexual encounter with the unwilling Mason, which resulted in Mason becoming addicted to the drug F-Gel.

Due to his F-Gel addiction, Mason also formed a habit for homosexual liaisons, despite his own homophobia. In addition to Lewis Deanwick, Mason has also been sexually involved with Cedric, a bartender at Spinning Disk.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Due to a rare biochemical reaction to F-Gel, Mason proved to be more susceptible to the physiological dangers of the substances present in the drug. As a result, Mason died from central nervous system failure after an incident involving F-Gel with Lewis in Blue Forest.

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Blue Forest by K.M. Hirosaki