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Meyou Kitsune, as drawn by Meyou

Meyou Kitsune is a furry from Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom. He is also known as Marty.

Meyou has been a furry since 2003, although he stayed in the furry closet until late 2006/early 2007.


Meyou is a black-furred Kitsune, measuring six foot in height, with three tails. He is roughly based on Meyou's real life self. His attire usually consists of combats, a black T-shirt, JT gloves, and black military-styled boots.

Meyou is addicted to Mountain Dew and will happily drink it at all opportunities.

As of late, Meyou has taken to transforming random people into vixens, with the intent of snuggling their breasts. Sometimes these plans backfire, resulting in Meyou transforming himself into a female kitty, much to his friends' amusement.

Real Life[edit]

Meyou was inspired to join the furry fandom after reading the webcomic The Whiteboard, and seeing a topic on furries on the forums. Although initially freaked out by what he found on Google, the idea stuck and he created his first fursona (a cat) before soon switching over to being a kitsune.

Meyou is passionate about the sport of paintball, whether it's playing, reffing, or simply discussing it. Meyou currently works two jobs, the first being for the British Government, which he refers as "The Office", and the other being for Delta Force Paintball, which he refers as "The Field." Meyou uses income from both these jobs to attend various conventions, including Anthrocon and Eurofurence. At Eurofurence 16, Meyou opened for Uncle Kage & 2's show, regailing the audience with his tale of cars full of furries, angry German police, and a 15 Euro fine.

Meyou believes the over-sexualization of the furry fandom (and those who are "just in it for the yiff") are a damaging influence on the identity of the fandom.

Meyou often draws furry art, mostly depicting paintballing furs, and, despite his views on yiff, if requested he will draw it. Meyou is self-taught, inspired by The Whiteboard and wanting to "be just like Doc".

Meyou considers himself a SurvivalistFur, MetalFur, and 4x4fur.

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