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Markus McCloud is a player in LylatRPG, where his Red Fox fursona originated. He is a regular attendee of Anthrocon from 2004 to the present, and is a WikiFur administrator. He was a TP staffer on a now defunct MUSH called "Dark Horizons". His current residence is in the US State of Virginia.

The Character[edit]

The character itself is a male Red Fox. Its original concept was created in a Star Fox fanfic entitled Gate To Another World. In the first chapter, the character was introduced in the delivery room as the first born child between fox and a vixen named Lora. He later got vaulted from one dimension to another through a freak accident that trashed his ship and rendered him unconscious. Gate To Another World was about 15 chapters long. Through web hosting issues and data corruption, the final version of the fanfic was lost and the physical backup disks contain only the first 11 chapters with chapter 11 being largely incomplete.

Gate To Another World served as a basis backstory for converting the character into the LylatRPG format when the RPG was simply called LEST1 (Lylatian Elite Strike Team). It is here that the character gained a reputation for being a little stupid and somewhat irresponsible, going so far as to cause a fight in a lunch room when the earphone cord for his GameBoy tripped someone as they passed him. His last appearance in the LylatRPG under the LEST1 name had him in enemy hands as a POW with a rescue effort being organized. At that point LEST1 as an RPG ended and the LEST world was rebooted. The character was also ported into the Star Fox MUSH as a second cousin to the lead title character.

Just three months before Anthrocon 2004, the character's association with Star Fox and all connections to Fox McCloud and his family tree were entirely cut. The character is currently little more than a fursona whose current artwork is themed "If Real Life Was Furry" and as such uses real life locations and events as backdrops. Original work of the character from its time as a LEST character still exists online.

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