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Markius Faulkner, also known as Markius Fox outside of Second Life (born 1987), is a furry whose fursona started as an American Red Fox, but he transitioned to having both a Red Fox and Northern Sergal fursona around 2012-2013.

Markius initially found the fandom after watching the CSI episode Fur and Loathing in late 2003. He credits further interest into the fandom to his brother, who introduced him to the Transfur image gallery. From there, he developed his interest in the fandom, highly favoring art by Taurin Fox and Angrboda.

Markius has played Second Life since 2005, making a name for himself in the Star Wars roleplay community, and later on joining the Ordo Imperialis.

Real life[edit]

Markius was a member of the Florida Army National Guard as an artilleryman for six years, deploying on one ten-month tour to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His unit assisted with security at the Sea Port of Debarkation and Embarkation in the final stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and at the opening of Operation New Dawn.

His hobbies include firearms, models, swords, knives, militaria, and roleplay. He also has an interest in gunsmithing and mechanical watches.

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