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Mark Stretch is an artist who specializes in human and furry artwork involving pregnancy, hypertrophism, PE (Penis Expansion), and similar themes. The pseudonym of Mark Stretch originated on a pregnancy-themed board called Wren-Spot in 1997. After that site went down he posted some of his work at Cheviot's Place, and eventually cobbled together his own website in May of 2001. He has long been friends with Korva and the late Stellos.

He has been compared, sarcastically, with Doug Winger ("Makes Doug Winger look like Sanrio") by SomethingAwful, though his work is nowhere as polished.

He created and administered the MSGOTU website, which hosted his own artwork, that of Stellos, and some images from an artist called Conkling. MSGOTU also had a discussion board (where Mark posts his serial stories) and an oekaki. His website has been up since mid-2002 with several interruptions (alive as of July 2008, verified May 2009).

Some of Mark's favorite furry species are goats, horses, and cows, as well as traditional centaurs.

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