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Marcwolf is a fursuiter based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He can often been seen at country fairs and other public events. His homepage has many pictures of his activities and also construction details of how he made his fursuit.

He is also a friend of the Westhaven group.

Marc the wolf is an Ethiopian wolf with the standard markings of his species. He tends to be more slender and lighter build than his North American cousins. Blessed (or cursed) with a wicked sense of humor he can be sure to create humorous mischief wherever he plants his paws.

He is in a long term relationship with Kllauw.

Recently Marc has been working on several home animatronic projects. His goal is to make his suit as interactive with the public as possible whilst giving no indication that it is being controlled.

With some professional special effects suits (a.k.a. Underworld) the actor does not control the emotions - there are usually several people off screen using R/C to move the servos etc to give the character a range of emotions.

Marc is working on a fully self-contained system with will first be using voice control with a throat mike, and ultimately myoelectrics from facial muscles.

Servo sequences will be preprogrammed beforehand and played when required - thus giving the watcher a more real and interactive experience.

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