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Manuella Coté, more widely known as Manue or Sonitweek, is a furry artist and she exposes her art online on art communities such as Side7, VCL, DeviantArt and PregFur, her DeviantArt gallery more frequently updated. She not only creates the characters but also creates stories with them, even if they remain mostly unpublished as of now. Her stories and universe are also a co-work with her friend Sybile Guérin, who draws on the same style as Manuella, except her choice is of computer-colored art, while Manuella uses mostly tradidional media - Prismacolor-branded colored pencils and markers.


Tekoya is the name of the city in which happens the stories in the universe created by Manue and Syb. While showing a few roots in the Sonic universe, most of it is original work. It should also be noted the cast consists of a massive amount of over 100 characters.

Different from many fans' belief the main character of the story is not Sonitweek, but Tylender. He is a hedgehog with a rivalry with Orion, an echidna guy. However this relationship varies along alternate universes, there's even one universe in which they're boyfriends.

However Manuella ie mostly known for her work on aquatic characters, specially Orqua. Orqua is one of the spirits in the stories. The spirits are female whales, each one carrying one different power, each one has two gems, one in an amulet, and other attached to the forehead, and they are basically identical and the color represents their elements. The spirits are as follows:

The only exception to the "Female whale" rule if Kai. He is a male blue shark and after saving Orqua from a gang of sharks he got awarded with becoming the spirit of Earth. It should also be noted they have the ability of creating legs and walking in the surface, and some of them are actually larger than a normal person.

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