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A manokit

The manokit (originally stylized as ManoKit) is a fictional species created by artist DubMutt in 2016.[1] The species is a stylized hybrid between a fox and a shark with a velociraptor-like stance, the name manokit originating from the Hawaiian word for shark (manō) and the Japanese word for fox (kitsune). Manokits are a beach-dwelling species recognizable by their large ears, perpetually squinted eyes and shark-like tails.



Manokits are overall mammalian in appearance and are covered in fur; even their fins and tails are covered in a short layer of fur. They are often depicted with a raptor-like stance, their tails roughly equal to their body length. Their high center of gravity makes them awkward on land, but as the 2021 guide notes, they are excellent swimmers. Their teeth are set in their gums in a similar pattern to dogs, but they are all uniformly sharp and shark-like, with no molars. They have large, pointed ears that lay back on their head, and a dorsal fin on their back. Manokits' eyes are well suited to seeing in dark water, but above water, they are incredibly sensitive to sunlight, leading them to squint. (In the 2017 guide, the reason originally given for their squinting is the fact that they are "partially blind".)

Manokits do not have gills, but can hold their breath for an exceptionally long time. They communicate with each other through trills, purrs and whistles, and their diet consists mainly of fish and shellfish, and occasionally fruit found within reach of the beach. Manokits naturally possess magic - they use this magic for good, using it to help heal and protect sea life and make their home and environment a more harmonious place.

The 2021 guidebook introduced three distinct subspecies of manokits; the Beach-dwellers, Tribals and Holoholo manokits. Beach-dwellers take the appearance of the original DubMutt manokit. The Tribals are more anthropomorphic, standing upright with eyes better adjusted to the sun. They live futher inland and are not as skilled at swimming, but are excellent toolmakers. Tribals are also adept climbers. Female Tribals have slight pseudo "breasts", but these serve no purpose beyond sexual dimorphism as manokits have no nipples or reproductive organs. Tribal manokits have the ability to shapeshift into the Holoholo form, a more feral form of manokit that walks on all fours. Holoholo manokits are more fox-like and suited to traversing land, having significantly smaller tail fins and dorsal fins.

Design restrictions[edit]

In line with the 2021 guidebook, manokits may not have wings, genitals, be hybridized with other animal species, or be depicted in "undead" or "cyborg" forms. Their pupils, when shown, must always be round. However, any different manner of dorsal and tail fins may be used, as well as head horns of any kind. The unique anatomical features listed above should be adhered to help distinguish manokits from other anthro shark and "shark dog" species.


Manokits are supernatural beings who do not have genitals. Any two manokits may come together to have a child, regardless of gender identity. Baby manokits are called minos. The two prospective parents must give up one half of their magic essence and weave the two halves together to create a mino - this is a very taxing process, and it takes about two years for this magic to replenish. This new soul is then stored safety within a vessel while it is given time to grow. This vessel can be handmade from seaweed or palm leaves, or could be a found item such as an empty coconut or something washed up on the beach. Minos take one to two months to develop in this vessel before "hatching". Hybrids between Beach-dwellers and Tribals are possible.

Manokits are a SFW species not intended to be used in mature content.


Manokits are magical creatures with the power to heal those around them. They are playful and spirited in nature, and the coral reefs always seem more vibrant when manokits live nearby.

Manokits have two main deities that they worship, Elisan and Yuliasha. Elisan is the goddess of the sea and moon, and is primarily worphiped by Beach-dwellers. She is the one responsible for giving the beach-dweller manokits their magic and exceptional powers, and beach-dwellers honor her every full moon by offering the best treasures they've found back to the sea. Yuliasha, considered the older sister of Elisan, is the goddess of the earth worshipped by the tribals. Tribals honor her by partaking in festivities with neighbors and trading gifts amongst each other. A parallel to Elisan, Yuliashsa is often represented with the sun.

Creation and ownership[edit]

Manokits are an open species - anyone is free to create a manokit character. The first manokit appears to be Blu3, DubMutt's fursona. Prior to 2015, Blu3 took the form of a wolf, but in December 2015 her species was changed to a Caribbean Reef Shark. This anthro shark design would develop into the manokit species by 2016.

In 2019, DubMutt transferred ownership of the manokit to artist Yoskavel/Crucis. The species is currently overseen by Crucis with the assistance of fellow artist Kepler.[2]


Despite their creator DubMutt stepping away from the furry community for personal reasons, manokits remain a popular and well-known species within the fandom.

Manokits are included as a brewable species within the game FurVilla.

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