Manli Anoen

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Manli Anoen is an chinese furry artist, but he's included into the Italian furry community for his recent living location in Italy.

He has began his artist carrer very recently for his age reasons, he's the youngest artist of the Italian furry community indeed. He's still trying to focus his own art style, but his actual art production is based mostly on hand-drawn pics and colored digitally, mainly on Photoshop CS2. Most of his art inspiration comes from furry artists like Black Teagan, Blotch, Zaush and Straydog, so his art style resemble a composition of these artists.

His personal fursona is a young lion with a blue hair tuft, inspired from real-life's himself in everything. For the same reason Manli looks a little slim feline, a little fem-boy just in build.

The artist is planing to create a comic inspired on his personal love story, adapted into a modern teen-aged gay furry background.

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