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Mandy is a mouse character created by Gene Catlow who has made a number of cameo appearances in the Gene Catlow comic strip, notably in the "Gene Catlow Presents" off-beat presentation of Stravinsky's Sacre Du Printemps.

Fictional character biography[edit]

According to the Gene Catlow universe, Mandy lives in the town of Tyler's Tail, Newfoundland, which happens to be a significant location as a kind of psychic crux point. She is a young (possibly about twenty in human years) and very pretty character whose good looks are best described as cute. Mandy is very cheerful, innocent, and charming, and has an uncanny way of putting what needs to be said very succinctly. However, like all of Gene's characters, she has a mildly mischievous side as well.

While it appears that most furries in the Gene Catlow universe are as a rule less shy about their bodies than humans, Mandy appears less inclined to give a second thought to how much of her is showing than most. This seems to give the impression that Mandy's function as a character is sometimes merely fan service. However, she has been known to use her attractiveness to her advantage, as was the case with two baddies from the now-defunct "Furry Unity" front who needed to be taught a lesson.

A typical portrait of Mandy is on Gene Catlow's Web Page.