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Noelani Manawolf, most commonly known as Manawolf (real name Sarah Madeleine Wheeler), is a free-thinking female furry artist who has penned many controversial articles[citation needed] on her website;[citation needed] among the topics are bestiality to shaving to furry lifestyle.


Her art style varies widely, with subject matter ranging from DragonBall to furry porn to The Secret of NIMH. Manawolf has been published in Gallery, Shanda the Panda, Women in Fur, among other places.


She is often a subject on antifur websites for her polyamory and unconventional views, and has been part of furry fandom since 1996. She was one of the most outspoken opponents of the now-defunct Burned Furs as she was strongly in favor of tolerance and (for better or for worse) diversity.

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