Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War

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Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (ISBN 978-0743436199, Baen Books, 2003) is a collection of four stories totalling about 140,000 words by Australian author Hal Colebatch. The stories are set in Larry Niven's Known Space universe, as part of the Man-Kzin Wars series. Beginning with the devastating invasion of the peaceful planet Wunderland by the Kzin, they deal with the human attempts at resistance, the aftermath of eventual human victory and the slow growth of human-Kzin co-operation.

The stories introduce several characters important in Colebatch's later stories, including Nils Rykermann and Dimity Carmody. Other characters growing in importance are the young Kzin Vaemar-Riit, son of the previous Kzin Governor of Wunderland, Chuut-Riit, who becomes a leader of human-Kzin reconciliation, and who seeks to learn from human history how barbarian vigor can be combined with order and science, the battle-scarred Kzin veteran Rarrgh, and the female Kzin Karan.

Another story by Colebatch, "His Sergeant's Honor", written earlier and published in Man-Kzin Wars IX, falls chronologically between the second and third of these stories.

Three more novellas by Colebatch in Man-Kzin Wars XI take the adventures of these characters further. Dimity Carmody, who in Man-Kzin X had a horror of Kzin, now has a close relationship with the young Kzin noble Vaemar-Riit.

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