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The Drew Carey Show was a popular American sitcom starring comedian Drew Carey, set in Cleveland, Ohio, about the life of a character named (predictably) Drew and his friends and co-workers.

The Drew Carey Show and furry[edit]

In Episode #187 from Season 8 (entitled Mama Told Me I Should Come), which first aired 21 October 2002, Drew is encouraged by his mother, Beulah, to hook up with a girl named Amy.

Drew isn't initially that keen on the idea, but Amy turns out to be rather attractive, and things go well...right up to the point where Amy asks to "change into something a little more comfortable".

Amy comes back dressed in a squirrel fursuit, explaining that this "makes it more exciting for me". When asked if it is a problem, Drew replies that "well, it is, but it's not mine."

We later see Drew return, dressed in fluffy ears, a bewhiskered nose, paws, and a big tail:

Amy: You look so hot . . .
Drew: Well, I know they say a sense of humor is the most important thing to a woman, but I got the biggest tail I could find, just in case.
. . .
Amy: This is going to be a most fluffy evening!
Drew: Indubitably.

(the couple proceed to the bedroom)

Furry referenced?[edit]

While the furry fandom is not mentioned outright, the character Oswald references it by remarking later in the episode, "Hey, I know these guys; they have websites, conventions, everything!".

It is unknown whether the name and "species" of the character Amy is a reference to Amy the Squirrel, a character in Sabrina Online, or is just a coincidence.

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