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Headshot picture of Malheus.

Malheus, also known as Mal or Katta (born December 23, 1991), is a furry who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


Malheus's character is a dogcat, a hybrid of dog and cat whose shape is very similar to a Shiny Glaceon Pokémon. His fur is white, his eyes are black, and his paws, tail, and ears are blue. His face is similar to a dog's, but his nose is shorter and his tail is big and floffy.

Malheus is usually depicted as a feral character, but may also appear as an anthro. His size as a feral is 3.1"/91cm, and as anthro he is 6.3"/193cm. He may act like a cat or a dog depending on his mood.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Malheus works as a car mechanic. He is in a closed relationship and not open for sexual roleplaying, though he is very open for clean roleplays. His interests are computers and electronics, and he has a big passion for cars.

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